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Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractor Hartland WI Seth Barr in front of picture board

Great service

"I injured my lower back at work and started to have numbness in my legs.. Physical therapy didn’t help and the doctor said the only option was surgery. I heard nothing good about the results of the surgery so I tried working out at the gym to make it stronger. One day at the gym I started to talk to the guy waiting for the machine. It turns out it was Seth and he told about his practice. I was hesitant at first but thought what do I have to lose. After the exam and the treatments my numbness went away. Soon I could do things I couldn’t do before like sleep through the night! I don’t know where I would be today with out his treatments. I highly recommend his practice."

 - Bret S., Hartland, WI

Caring and concerned

"Doctor Barr is very caring and thorough. He took time with me to learn my health history. By getting to the root of my problem, he has helped me tremendously. I love the “Gonstead method”. Give Doctor Barr a call today."

 - Bekki H., Hartland, WI

Always welcomed

"Forward Chiropractic is very welcoming. I leave feeling refreshed and ready to perform my best for sports."

 - Tyler K., Oconomowoc, WI

Thank you

"Dr. Barr is genuinely interested in my personal health and well-being. He goes out of his way to take care of me. As a retired soldier, I can honestly say that Dr. Barr takes care of Veterans! Thank you!"

 - Jason S., Hartland, WI

Caring doctor

"I like Forward Chiropractic because all of my concerns are addressed. Dr. Barr is great!"

 - Sylvia B., Palmyra, WI

Always feeling better

"The friendly atmosphere keeps me coming back to Forward Chiropractic. I always feel better after a visit with Dr. Barr!"

 - Amy K., Hartland, WI

Complete care

"When I leave Forward Chiropractic, I feel complete! That all of my issues have been addressed!"

 - David U., Merton, WI

Dedicated doctor

"Dr. Barr is great and can relate to anyone. He is dedicated to what he does, which instantly creates a relaxing environment. The location and business hours at Forward Chiropractic are extremely convenient. I’m so glad I went to Forward Chiropractic."

 - Beth S., Hartland, WI

Thorough care

"Dr. Barr is very caring, he listens and addresses any concerns that I have! I come back to Forward Chiropractic because of the thorough care I receive."

 - Margaret M., Milwaukee, WI

Passionate for chiropractic

"Dr. Barr has a passion for chiropractic that keeps me coming back to Forward Chiropractic!"

 - Ann G., Hartland, WI


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